Homeless Vet
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Pomp and Circuitry
Voiced by

Paul Boocock
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Homeless veteran

The unnamed Homeless Vet is a minor character on The Venture Bros.

Character Description Edit

The Homeless Vet sits in a wheelchair because his legs below the knees are missing. His companion, a German Shepherd or similar dog, stands to his side. He begs at the base of One Impossible Plaza on Columbus Circle in New York City.

The Homeless Vet wears an American flag print headband with a loose cigarette sticking out of the right side. He has a full beard, blemished skin, and disheveled hair. His shirt is torn and sweat-stained under his open vest. An American flag and a black flag (likely a POW*MIA flag) adorn the back of his wheelchair. He holds a cup in his left hand for panhandling change.

Character History Edit

When he is introduced, the Homeless Vet is flanked by a deposed Baron Werner Ünderbheit and his Manservant on the right and a disguised Phantom Limb holding a sign that reads "Will work for food" on his left. Ünderbheit had been kicked out of his own country and was now homeless in New York City, while Phantom Limb had just escaped from Guild custody and was covertly seeking the aid of Professor Richard Impossible.

When the incognito Phantom Limb is approached by a potentially hostile security guard from Impossible Industries, Phantom Limb shocks him into unconsciousness while the Homeless Vet cheers him on.

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