The Haranguetank was an armored recreational vehicle that was used by the villain Haranguetan.


Inside the vehicle was a large computer terminal.

Haranguetan would keep a supply of liquor and cigarettes in the Haranguetank.


At some point around the time of Haranguetan's death, the Haranguetank was impounded due to several unpaid parking tickets. Battleaxe (Haranguetan's widow) and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch went to the impound lot to retrieve the vehicle.

Battleaxe, mourning her husband, got drunk in the vehicle. She then watched Wide Wale's surveillance video from VenTech Tower which led her to believe that Dr. Venture was the costumed adventurer known as The Blue Morpho (who had been responsible for Haranguetan's death).


The Haranguetank, moments before its destruction

Battleaxe broke the vehicle out of the impound and drunkenly sped to VenTech Tower. She lost control of the vehicle and crashed it into the villain Think Tank. The Haranguetank then crashed into the lobby of VenTech Tower and fell down the hole in the floor that had been left by Wide Wale's earlier intrusion. The Haranguetank then exploded, putting Think Tank into a coma. Battleaxe was shown to have survived the wreck in A Party For Tarzan.
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