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Hammerhead Abomination
The Venture Bros. character
Hammerhead Abomination.jpg
First appearance

Fallen Arches
Voiced by

Species Unknown, presumably considered an Abomination

Hammerhead like the shark
Twin pincers

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Hammerhead Abomination is a minor recurring villain on The Venture Bros.

Character History[]

Hammerhead Abomination's actual name, origins, and nature have yet to be revealed. His nickname is based on its head resembling that of a hammerhead shark and its joining U.R.G.H., the nation of abominations founded by Venturestein in the episode Venture Libre.

The hammerhead abomination was first seen in Fallen Arches, attempting to become an arch for the Order of the Triad, but losing out that position to Torrid. It also attended the wedding of the Monarch and was among those who fled in the face of Phantom Limb and his squadron of traitorous Strangers. It also appears at several parties in Malice.

The Hammerhead Abomination was later seen in Venture Libre. It was among the group of abomination refugees who heard Venturestein's message of joining U.R.G.H. to seek peace and safety in Puerto Bahia along with their own kind.

At some point the Hammerhead Abomination left Puerto Bahia to visit Don Hell's nightclub, where it was last seen attending a meeting for The Guild of Calamitous Intent.

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