Guild Strategic Operations is a secret underground facility for The Guild of Calamitous Intent, reachable by an elevator from the ground level above. Here covert operations, Research & Development, and agent training are operated and maintained. Unfortunately, the doors of the winding corridors aren't properly labeled, leading to some confusion as to which is where.[1]

Specific Rooms[1]Edit

  • Guild HTC - Hypnosis Training Center - training agents on how to perform brainwashing for quick induction of new recruits
  • HTC - Hologram Training Center
  • Guild Interrogation Hub (NOT G.I.H.)
  • SAC - Surgical Alteration Center - for altering agents through multi surgeries to take the place of the most powerful people, such as Dave Grohl
  • VATC - Vicious Animal Training Center - do not confuse it with the HTC

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