Grover Cleaveland's Presidential Time Machine

Grover Cleveland's Presidential Time Machine is a time machine resembling a cabinet on the show The Venture Bros. It is apparently associated with former United States President Grover Cleveland and bears a model of his head on the top as if the machine was his girthy body.

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The time machine first appears in the intro to the Season 1 episode Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean, where The Monarch thanks the incapacitated Venture family for leading him to it.

However, no more mention of the time machine is made until the Season 7 episode The Forecast Manufacturer, where it is revealed to have fallen into the hands of the Creep, a former OSI agent and leader of a rogue splinter of The Peril Partnership in upstate New York. In the episode, The Creep's game of Dive Bomb with Henchman 21 and The Monarch is interrupted when a time traveling Dr. Venture and Billy Whalen step through the doors of Grover Cleveland's Presidential Time Machine looking for a lost part of Venture's finger. Venture is dressed in a getup from the time of The Titanic (and wears a life preserver that says "R.M.S. Titanic") whereas Billy Whalen is dressed up as a Civil War soldier. Venture asks The Monarch (referring to him as "Malcom", to The Monarch's surprise) what he is doing back 70 million years ago with the caveman, presumably mistaking the Creep for a caveman and the time they traveled to as far in the past. The distraction causes The Creep to lose his concentration, and his head is impaled by a falling lawn dart. Venture and Billy Whalen express alarm and say they have to go even farther back into the past to prevent the death of "the caveman". They then disappear back into the time machine.

The apparent time travel misadventures of the future Whalen and Venture might imply an imprecision in the time machine or incompetence of Whalen and Venture at time travel.

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