Billy Quizboy in the Go-Pod

The Go-Pod is a hover car built by Dr. Jonas Venture, Jr. and his scientists at Venture Techno Industries. Beginning in Season 6, it acted as the primary vehicle for Hank Venture until it was heavily damaged by Wide Wale's henchmen. It is unknown if it will ever be repaired.


The Go-Pod was introduced in Faking Miracles by the The Pirate Captain, who stated it was an automatic vehicle that produced zero emissions, and was driven by Master Billy Quizboy. Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture wanted to ship it out but was told of the hazards that prevented his brother from mass producing it, such as causing heart mummers and sterility in rhesus monkeys. Billy, overhearing this, became distracted with concern and crashed just as The Captain stated, "Also, she don't stop so good."

Hank Venture admired it and soon used it as transportation for his pizza delivery job at Vincenzo's. When speaking to Sirena Ong in her bedroom, Hank leaped off Tophet Tower--seemingly to his doom--and landed safely in the Go-Pod. This move saved Hank from being spotted by her bodyguard, Rocco, and impressed Sirena when he rose up to show her he was safe.

During It Happening One Night, Hank went on a date with Sirena and took her around the city in the Go-Pod.

In The Rorqual Affair, Hank called for the Go-Pod when he jumped out of Sirena's bedroom window to avoid being caught by her bodyguard, Rocco. He left his pizza delivery hat behind, causing Rocco to suspect him. The next day Hank was fired from his job because of Wide Wale's connections at Vincenzo's. Upon leaving he discovered the Whale Lice had demolished the Go-Pod, spray painting a warning on it for Hank to stay away from Sirena.

As seen in The Terminus Mandate, the Go-Pod is still damaged and was placed in Hank's room as a decoration.

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  • The Go-Pod replaces Hank's destroyed Hover Bike.
  • The Go-Pod is based on a conceptual Hover Car from the Chinese division of German automaker Volkswagen. In May of 2011, Volkswagen announced the commencement of a “People’s Car Project” in China which solicited Internet users in that country to submit ideas online for a “Volkswagen model of the future”.[1] Three potential concepts were chosen from the 119,000 submissions received, with one of the most popular being the Hover Car: a two-seater zero-emissions vehicle that hovers above the ground and travels along electromagnetic road networks.[2] A video was released showing how the vehicle might look in real life; the design of the vehicle in the video is nearly identical to the Go-Pod.[3]

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