General Treister's Son
The Venture Bros. character
General Treister's Son
First appearance

Mid-Life Chrysalis
Voiced by

Paul Boocock
Aliases O.S.I. Instructor (in the voice credits)
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation O.S.I. Instructor
Test proctor
Relatives General Treister (father)
Nationality American


General Triester's Son is a minor character on The Venture Bros. He is the son of the former head of the Office of Secret Intelligence, General Treister.

Character History

He first appeared as the O.S.I. instructor who administered Brock Samson's test to renew his License To Kill with the agency. Despite Samson's refusal to engage in many of the tasks given by the tests (or at least, in the way the test asked for), Treister's son allowed him to pass.

Reflecting upon Brock's test performance, Treister's son said his father had spoken of Brock Samson as a "god", and that Brock lived up to that description that day. As a bit of background, Samson has had some history with the Treister family in that he saved General Treister once and acknowledges that he used to babysit Treister's son.

In the episode Venture Libre, Sgt. Hatred had flashbacks of when he was administered a Soldier X supersoldier serum that elicited the first appearance of his pedophilic fury. The details of the flashback entailed Hatred busting fee of his bindings and assaulting Treister's son as a child. (General Treister had brought the boy to the office for "Take Your Son To Work Day", as suggested by a banner on the wall.) Hatred tore the boy's underwear off with his teeth before guards managed to overcome and subdue him.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 5


  • He was listed as "O.S.I. Instructor" in the voice talent credits for his first appearance in Mid-Life Chrysalis.
  • Sergeant Hatred assaulted him as a boy during "Take Your Son To Work Day", managing to rip off the child's underoos with his teeth. The underoos and the tshirt worn by the young General Treister's Son both featured a Captain Sunshine design on them.
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