General Manhowers
The Venture Bros character
General Manhowers
First appearance

The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Full name General H.I. Manhowers
Gender Male
Occupation Army General
Relatives Unnamed son[1]
Nationality American

United States Army
Previous Alliances

Boys Brigade
General Manhowers is a minor recurring character on the Venture Bros. He is (or seems to be) a general for the United States Army. At the U.N. Council meeting, he purchased a number of Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture's Ooo Rays, which made for excellent destructive weapons despite Dr. Venture's development of them for peaceful purposes.

Historically, Manhowers has made purchases from both Jonas Venture Sr. and later Jonas Venture Jr. He has demonstrated more reluctance to fund projects for Dr. Thaddeus Venture. He has resisted Thaddeus' show of razzle-dazzle at least once, calling Thaddeus out for peddling nothing new beyond what his father made.[2]

The Venturestein was one exception. He ordered a hundred of them, hoping to use them as soldiers and especially mobile suicide bombers.[3] Manhowers came to regret this, however, as Venturestein later organized a rebellion of scientific abominations in Puerto Bahia. Manhowers ordered Dr. Thaddeus Venture to go in and take care of the problem.[4]

In The Unicorn in Captivity, one of the heads seen in silhouette on a telescreen within a virtual reality simulation appears to be him. However, he does not speak so it is unconfirmed that it was indeed actually the General.




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