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Home is Where the Hate is
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Occupation Villain
Possible prostitute

Known to solicit sex from men at Don Hell's club
Level 3 Terrorbot with operations centered in Tucson, Arizona

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Galacticon is a tertiary villain from The Venture Bros. He appears mostly in crowd scenes and has yet to receive any lines. He has been in The Guild of Calamitous Intent for five years as of Season 5.

Character History

Galacticon is known for soliciting intimate relations with men in Don Hell's club, which has caused some other villains to think he is a prostitute. The O.S.I. and Ghost Robot attempted to exploit this reputation by disguising Ghost Robot as Galacticon. The plan was for Ghost Robot to impersonate Galacticon to get close to Vendata, Councilman 1 on The Guild's Council of 13, and weasel information about the Council out of him. The plan went awry when the real Galacticon showed up while Ghost Robot was still disguised as him, forcing Ghost Robot to escape Don Hell's club with the aid of Brock Samson and Shore Leave.[1]

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