Furious Red
The Venture Bros. character
Picture not available
First appearance

None, first mentioned in the Inamorata Consequence
Voiced by

Gender Male
Occupation Supervillain

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Dr. Deep

Mentioned (but not appearing in) the Inamorata Consequence, Furious Red was Guild of Calamitous Intent villain who fought Dr. Deep, an OSI associated protagonist, in a level 5 arching in 1989. The ensuing conflict destroyed a whole city block, claimed two civilian lives, and caused a tabloid scandal with no less than four photographs. During the encounter, Dr. Deep utilized an undeclared and unlicensed Level 8 pulse cannon, and this was the cause of the destruction. Furious Red's ribs were broken, and he perished in the hospital a week following the event.

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