VB Fritz
First appearance

Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel
Last appearance

Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel
Voiced by

Steven Rattazzi
Gender Male

Adolf Hitler

Fritz was a minor character on The Venture Bros.

Character History

Fritz was the leader of a group of Neo-Nazis that commanded Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture to clone a human body for Adolf Hitler and transfer Hitler's body and genetic information to it from the dog body that housed Hitler. After Rusty failed to comply and Hitler the dog was not given back to them, the Neo-Nazis took the doctor captive.

Fritz and the Neo-Nazis were ultimately destroyed by a "spell of purification" cast by Dr. Orpheus.

Episode Appearances


  • When Dr. Orpheus unleashes the magic lightning from his staff, his destruction of the Neo-Nazis holding Dr. Venture hostage mimics a scene in the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Nazis are killed by the Ark of the Covenant. The two guards are pierced by the magic lightning and Fritz even exclaims "It's beautiful," just before his face melts off in the same manner as Toht.
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