The Venture Bros. character
VB Francis
First appearance

Voiced by

Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Possibly the bouncer for Nightin' Ale's
Nationality American

Herpes on lip

Action Johnny

A one shot character appearing in the Venture Bros. episode "Self-Medication", Francis (surname not given) is a rough and tumble biker who frequents Nightin' Ale's. He may be the bar's bouncer, given how he reacts to Action Johnny's unwanted intrusion (see below)


Action Johnny, Dr. Venture, and several other former boy adventurers investigation of their therapist's murder leads them to Nightin' Ale's. Their they find a supposed henchman of Dr. Z and move to question him. However, a biker named Francis cuts in, reminding Action Johnny that he has been banned and telling them to leave. Wonder Boy II steps in, says that if Francis messes with one boy adventurer, he messes with all of them. Action Johnny asks Francis if the herpes on his lips came from kissing his wife's ass after Johnny gave it to her. A huge brawl ensues, leaving the former boy adventurers wounded but victorious in the fight. However, their lead regarding the henchman is blown. Therefore, they leave the bar and go directly to Dr. Z' residence.

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