The Fiends and Family Plan is a sub-arching plan by Wide Wale subletting his exclusive arching rights on Dr. Venture to other Level 10 Guild antagonists.

Arching rights are passed onto three Level 10 antagonists who, in turn, sub-let to two other antagonists each. It's unclear how exactly the plan works between each of these villains.

As of the end of Red Means Stop, it is presumed that The Monarch and Henchman 21, in their guises as The Blue Morpho and Kano have directly or indirectly killed all of the sub-arches in the plan except for Red Death. Later in the episode The High Cost of Loathing it was revealed that Think Tank survived but was seriously injured and still hospitalized.

The plan and its importance was apparently abandoned after the events in Arrears in Science.

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Members of the Plan

There are 9 members of the Guild who are a part of the Plan.

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