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The Revenge Society
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The Sovereign
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Phantom Limb
The Revenge Society
Eon is a friend of The Sovereign and a member of The Guild of Calamitous Intent on The Venture Bros. He is based on the pioneering English musician and producer Brian Eno.

Character Description

Eon is thin and walks with a stoop. He has blonde hair that is shorter and thinner on top, long in the back. He looks like a youthful Brian Eno from his days with glam/art rock band Roxy Music in the early 1970s, right down to the ornate skintight costume.

Character History

Eon accompanied The Sovereign to the Venture Compound to assist with The Guild of Calamitous Intent's negotiations with Phantom Limb's newly formed Revenge Society. The two traveled together aboard The Warm Jets.

Surrounded by Guild soldiers on the Venture Compound's lawn, Eon met with Red Mantle and Dragoon, who had been kidnapped earlier by the fugitive Phantom Limb and stitched together into a single person with two heads. Eon told them that they were "really working it" and looked good, with Dragoon thanking him for the compliment. Red Mantle then read aloud a prepared statement from Phantom Limb, claiming that Limb was the rightful Sovereign of the Guild by birthright.

Eon then stood by as The Sovereign recognized Dean Venture as the true heir to the Guild, based on his great great grandfather Colonel Lloyd Venture being the original protector of the Orb. Dean then ceremonially swore in The Sovereign as the official Lord of the Guild, renouncing his title and returning power to The Sovereign. Phantom Limb attempted to activate the Orb, not realizing it had been broken over a century prior by Eugen Sandow, before admitting defeat and being taken into custody by the Guild.

Episode Appearances

Season 4


  • His name is an anagram for "Eno", the surname of his namesake, Brian Eno--an English musician, record producer, visual artist, and theorist best known for his pioneering work in ambient music and contributions to rock, pop, and electronica. Eno worked with David Bowie--the basis for The Sovereign--as a writer and musician on Bowie's influential 1977–79 'Berlin Trilogy' of albums, Low"Heroes", and Lodger, on Bowie's later album Outside, and on the song "I'm Afraid of Americans".
  • Eon travels in several large aircraft called the Warm Jets, after Eno's debut solo album "Here Come the Warm Jets"; upon their approach, Watch shouts "Here come The Warm Jets!" while the drum intro to "Dead Finks Don't Talk" plays in the background.


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