E-Den Gorilla
The Venture Bros. character
E-Den Gorilla
First appearance

The Buddy System
Last appearance

What Color is Your Cleansuit?
Species Carnivorous ape
Gender female

Carnivorous, mother of two
In the episode The Buddy System of The Venture Bros. show, Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture attempted to run a summer camp for boy adventurers as a cash grab. As part of the camp, Dr. V. planned on taking the kids through a tour of the long-abandoned E-Den Facility on The Venture Compound. When Dr. V. and Master Billy Quizboy opened up the doors, they found the place had grown wild and primal. One of the creatures they encountered inside was a [ gorilla] of hostile disposition. Dr. V. attempted to placate the beast, but Dermott Fictel intended to shoot it with is pellet gun. He missing, hitting Billy, whose cries spooked the gorilla and caused it to go berserk. Dr. V. ordered the kids to retreat, and all escaped save for Billy and a boy named Kyle. Billy was badly maimed, and Kyle was killed in the fracas. However, enough of Kyle's genetic material was retrieved for Dr. V. to make a clone of him.

E-Den wouldd once again remain shut-up and abandoned until episode the time of Season 5, the episode of What Color is Your Cleansuit? Dr. Venture needed an enclosed space to develop Project Palaemon, for which E-Den had to be cleaned out. The Venture Family lured out the gorilla by covering Billy in meat. One the gorilla was lured out, Sergeant Hatred killed it. The discovery of two of its babies was an unwelcome and disheartening surprise.

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