Drew Quymn
200px-Drew quymn
First appearance

Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman
Voiced by

Joanna Adler
Occupation Teenage Adventurer
Relatives Dr. Quymn (mother)
Nancy Quymn (twin sister)
Mz. Quymn (grandmother)

Drew Quymn is a minor character on The Venture Bros. She is the daughter of Dr. Quymn and twin sister of Nancy Quymn.


She is a teenage adventurer as such she is spunky and energetic, and as Dr. Venture points out, they get "really excited" about things.

Character History

She appeared in the episode Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman where she and her family encountered the Ventures. She and her sister Nancy both fall for Dean and both competed with one another to get him until they decided to "share him" but he showed no interest in either of them. At the end of the episode, they part ways with Dean and lose interest in him because they find out he wasn't circumcised.

Physical Appearance

Drew can be distinguished from Nancy because Drew has several freckles on her nose.

Relationships With Other Characters

Dean Venture

In her only appearance, her and her sister, Nancy developed a crush on Dean. Dean is shown to be ambivalent toward the sisters. They began to fight over him, until they decided to "share him", and nearly end up raping him. At the end of the episode they lose interest in him because they find out he wasn't circumcised.

Hank Venture

Somewhat the inverse of his brother, Hank showed a great deal of interest in the Quymn sisters, but they did not reciprocate. In Operation P.R.O.M., it was noted that they wanted him to stop calling them.

Episode Appearances

Season 3

Season 4

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