Dr. Vulcano
Dr. Vulcano OSI
First appearance

Assassinanny 911
Voiced by

Brendon Small
Aliases Plastic surgeon, surgeon
Gender Male
Occupation Surgeon

One of the best at "unorthodox" surgery, foreign accent

Office of Secret Intelligence

S.P.H.I.N.X., unspecified "enemy" of the OSI

Dr. Vulcano is a surgeon of foreign origin who was said by Brock Samson to be one of the best at "unorthodox" procedures.[1] He has worked for a wide variety of clientele, including the O.S.I.[2], S.P.H.I.N.X, and Neo-Nazis.[1]


Dr. Vulcano was one of the enemy's best surgeons. Hunter Gathers kidnapped him for a gender-reassignment surgery, apparently to escape the OSI to live as a woman.[3] (Later, it was revealed Gathers underwent the operation to infiltrate Molotov Cocktease's Black Hearts.)[1]

Later, Dr. Vulcano set up shop in a jungle somewhere. He performed some medical operations at the behest of Fritz and his Neo-Nazis, most likely involving the soul and genes of Adolf Hitler and the body of a bulldog. For his part, Dr. Vulcano seemed disgusted by the whole thing. Shortly thereafter, Brock Samson approached Vulcano to replace the head of H.E.L.P.eR. with something else he could use for functioning internal organs.[1]

After Molotov discovered that a mole was in the ranks of her organization, Gathers recruited Dr. Vulcano into SPHINX and had him reverse the earlier surgery.[1] After General Treistr handed over command of the OSI to Gathers, the other SPHINX operatives abandoned it to become OSI operatives.[4]

Later, Dr. Vulcano is working for the OSI, where he watches over a laboratory with two special humans (called Premos for their premonition abilities) suspended in tanks.[2]

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