Dr. Schumpmaker
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Pinstripes & Poltergeists
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Gender Male
Occupation Scientist
Weapons researcher

Unlicensed villain
Researcher of olfactory weapons of war

New S.P.H.I.N.X. (particularly Brock Samson and Shoreleave)

Dr. Schumpmaker was an unlicensed villain on The Venture Bros. who developed a stink bomb so bad it could kill.

Because of the evil doctor's failure to register with The Guild of Calamitous Intent, Shoreleave and Brock Samson were sent as agents of new S.P.H.I.N.X. to take down his operations. Many of his minions lost their lives, and he was taken into custody.[1]

Later, Henchman Zero kidnapped at least one of Dr. Schumpmaker's assistants as part of the henchpeople Zero was gathering for his gladiatorial games. At the end of the episode, Dr. Schumpmaker was reunited with his assistant.[2]

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