Dr. Paolo Salazar
The Venture Bros. character
Dr. Paolo Salazar
First appearance

What Color is Your Cleansuit?
Voiced by

Aliases Bugaboo (formerly)
Paolo the Human Beetle (formerly)
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Geneticist, former circus freak and supervillain

World's foremost expert on mutations/removing mutations

As Bugaboo: beetle themed villain, could shoot gouts of flame from his anus

A one-time appearing character on the Venture Bros. show episode "What Color is Your Cleansuit?", Dr. Paolo Salazar was a scientist who helped Dr. Mrs. The Monarch develop monarch butterflies to counteract the mutations of the State University student interns in the E-Den.


Dr. Paolo Salazar was once thee most well known authority on mutations, but an accident left him warped with the body of a beetle-man hybrid. He became a circus freak for a time known as Paolo the Human Beetle. However, Salazar eventually disappeared and was thought deceased. At the same time, a villain going by the name of Bugaboo popped up stealing all sorts of strange chemicals. This villain was actually Salazar, whom eventually developed a way to return ot his old self, becoming the world's greatest expert on removing mutations.


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