Dr. Heinie
the Venture Bros. character
Dr. Heinie
First appearance

A Party for Tarzan
Voiced by

Paul F. Tomkins
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor

Hemorrhoid Laser
Laughs when afraid

The Monarch

Doctor Henie is a character from The Venture Bros who has so far only appeared in one episode.

History Edit

In A Party for Tarzan, Guild Councilwoman Dr. Mrs. The Monarch informs The Monarch that if he "thwarts" Dr. Heinie, his Equally Matched Aggression Level will rise from Four to Five.

The Monarch sneaks into Dr. Heinie's clinic and handily defeats him. He straps Dr. Heinie to one of the medical beds and sets Heinie's own hemorrhoid laser to slowly burn a path across the bed, ominously creeping its way toward Dr. Heinie's hindquarters. The Monarch takes several pictures using his cell phone to document the time and location of the arching. A disguised Henchman 21 simultaneously kills The Wandering Spider during a lunar eclipse, effectively throwing off everyone from discovering The Monarch's identity as The Blue Morpho.

Episode Appearances Edit

Season 6 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Henchman 21 notes that Dr. Heinie is "kinda famous" because his laser-hemorrhoid-removal posters are all over the New York City subway.
  • The signage on his office window says he offers "Laser-Peutic Procto-Therapy".
  • The scene where Dr. Heinie is strapped to the bed with the slow-moving laser burning its way toward him is a reference to the classic "industrial laser scene" from the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger.

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