Donald Trump
The Venture Bros. character
VB Donald Trump
First appearance

Faking Miracles
Voiced by

Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman
Nationality American

Wide Wale (presumed associate or peer)

Donald Trump is a minor character on The Venture Bros. He is based on the American businessman turned 45th President of the United States.

Character History

Donald Trump appears in Faking Miracles, where he is seen as a background character in Tophet Tower at a party thrown by Wide Wale. Creator commentary for the episode reveals that early production of the season was made prior to Trump becoming a presidential candidate and that including him was an action they regret in hindsight.

The creator commentary for A Party for Tarzan reveals that he was actually cut from a pan before it got to him in a scene, as by then Donald Trump had become a presidential candidate for the 2016 election.

Episode Appearances


Tophet Tower

The Venture Bros. co-creator Jackson Publick had this to say about Tophet Tower:

"Something I never expected to be as important as it is now is planting the new Venture building at the corner of Columbus Circle--directly opposite Trump Tower, in real life. Trump Tower is a big, black glass box with gold appointments on it--right in the Guild of Calamitous Intent's color spectrum. So we decided the New York equivalent of Malice, a private neighborhood for villains from previous seasons, is Tophet Tower, which has expensive condos primarily for villains. So the villains now live right across the street, because that's how it is in New York: everybody's your neighbor. You no longer need a flying Cocoon to commute to villainy, to your arch.
Wide Wale is just a resident; he's got the penthouse. I don't know if the Guild owns the building. It might be a co-op or they might own a stake in it. It's a building favored by villains, but Warriana lives there too, and she's a superhero. You know, I'm sure a lot of people live in Trump's building who are at opposite ends of the moral and political spectrum."[9]


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