Don Rio Imposible Isabanco
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¡Viva los Muertos!
Occupation Shaman

Don Rio Imposible Isabanco is a minor character on The Venture Bros.

Character History Edit

Described by Dr. Orpheus as "a transcendent multidimensional genius" and "one of the Amazon’s most learned shaman", Don Rio is a jocular spirit guide who leads the "death vine" ceremony in Orpheus' apartment for an assembly of shaman and mystics. He speaks through a translator who sits or stands beside him.

Brock Samson, feeling unsettled about recent events involving the creation of Venturestein, joins the group in Orpheus' apartment. Don Rio tells him, through his translator, that he is a child of the past and he must be a child of the future.

Brock joins the group in imbibing a psychotropic drug (extract of death vine), which prompts a hallucination sequence with a dolphin. Prior to Brock's hallucination, when he still feels like he has a "stomach full of drunk bees" from drinking the death vine extract, Don Rio tells him a personal story as a parable:

One time I’m on the Amazon in my canoe and I see... swim the dolphin--the beautiful dolphin... so, I slip out of my canoe and I grab her, this fish, and then I f*** it, this fish!
When a vexed Brock asks what that has to do with anything, Don Rio replies "Hot dolphin!" Brock call him an idiot in response.

As Brock slips into his hallucination, he accuse Don Rio of poisoning him. Don Rio tells him:

Brock Samson, this is your chance to find the way of peace, of positive rainbow energization and karmic repair.
Brock then experiences a pastel-colored dream sequence where he rides naked on the back of a dolphin in the middle of the ocean. His peaceful dream is shattered by a vision of a massive dolphin/mermaid with breasts and the head of Colonel Hunter Gathers harpooning the original dolphin. Gathers gives him a speech on the need to be closed off to aspects of spirituality and empathy in order to be an effective agent for the O.S.I., which reassures Brock on his position in life and allows him to resume his role as the Venture's (slightly homicidal) bodyguard.

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