Dr. Venture enjoys a Red Mocho Kooler.(Nobody else does.)

Doctails are uniquely horrible cocktail recipes crafted by Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture on The Venture Bros.

According to writer Doc Hammer they are "supposed to be disgusting and undrinkable."[1]

Red Mocho Kooler


Pour Hershey's Syrup into a glass of Kahlúa until it’s thick, almost undrinkable.

Sprinkle a dash of red Kool-Aid on the top.

Don’t stir it, so it just remains thick and undrinkable with the Kool-Aid as "a little crispy skin" at the top.

OPTIONAL: Serve chilled; garnish with an orange slice and a cocktail umbrella.



Note: Dr. Venture was inspired to create the "Hunchback" one Halloween after Hank, in costume as a hunchback, served him "a drink of blood" that was actually ketchup and Pepsi.

Hot Mummy

Note: Dr. Venture once made Billy Quizboy a "Hot Mummy". The ingredients are currently unknown, but the drink is red in color. Billy's was served in a skull mug wrapped in linens like a mummy with a cocktail umbrella sticking out of the drink.

Slim Jim Fizz


Note: Dr. Venture once made Pete White a "Slim Jim Fizz". According to the creator commentary for Spanakopita! it was a sloe gin fizz garnished with a Slim Jim.

Ruddy Bottom


Note: this drink is named for its ruddy (red) color. Its name is also similar to that of the keyboardist for the alternative rock band Faith No More, Roddy Bottum.

Episode Appearances

Season 3

  • ORB (Red Mocho Kooler)

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7


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