Eric A. "Doc" Hammer is an American musician, actor, film and television writer, voice actor, and painter.

Eric A. "Doc" Hammer

He performed in the gothic rock bands Requiem in White from 1985 to 1995 and Mors Syphilitica from 1995 to 2002, both with his then-wife Lisa Hammer. His film credits include a number of Lisa's projects—released through their own production company Blessed Elysium—in which he participated as a writer, actor, composer, designer, and visual effects artist. He also composed the music for the 1997 film A, B, C... Manhattan. He and Christopher McCulloch are the co-creators, writers, and editors of the animated television series The Venture Bros. (2004–present), in which Hammer voices several recurring characters including Billy Quizboy, Henchman 21, and Dr. Girlfriend. The show is produced through Hammer and McCulloch's company Astro-Base Go. Hammer is also the singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the band Weep, which formed in 2008.

Hammer was born in Ledyard, Connecticut. He adopted the pseudonym "Doc" in the mid-2000s. His hair naturally grows in in both black and blonde, a condition he attributes to "a pigmentation problem or a birthmark or something. But my hair is naturally like this... Kinda. Because my eyebrows are black, I used to dye my whole head that color. Also, I used to enjoy looking like Dracula for some asinine reason." He suffers from Ménière's disease, a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance He is a self-taught oil painter.

Filmography Edit

Film Edit

Year Title Role
1989 Not Farewell, Sweet Flesh actor (Rofocale)
1990 The Wuby Opening
Lorenzo et Lorenzo
The Emasculator
1991 Pussbucket actor (Corned Beef), composer, props, set designer, special effects
1994 The Fox and Hound
The Changeling
1997 A, B, C... Manhattan composer
1999 Crawley writer, actor (Crawley), visual effects
2004 Period Piece editing, visual effects
2011 Pox actor (Rodney Carmichael)

Television Edit

Year Title Role
2004–present The Venture Bros. writer (34 episodes), voice actor (Master Billy Quizboy, Henchman 21, Doctor Girlfriend, Kevin, Ward, Dermott Fictel, Tiny Joseph), editor, music
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