The Venture Bros. character
Picture 12424
First appearance

Handsome Ransom
Voiced by

Doc Hammer
Aliases Captain Sunshine
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Butler
Former superhero


Captain Sunshine (Chuck Scarsdale)

Henchman Zero (deceased)
Dragoon (formerly)

Desmond is a minor recurring character on The Venture Bros. He serves as the butler for Chuck Scarsdale, the current Captain Sunshine, and was the original version of the superhero Captain Sunshine.


Desmond was the original Captain Sunshine, a superhero who drew his powers from the sun. He spent the 1960s fighting the supervillain Dragoon. His Wonder Boy was Chuck Scarsdale, whom he trained to become the next Captain Sunshine.[1]

Desmond went on to become Chuck's butler when he retired from being a superhero.[2] He was eventually captured by Henchman Zero and forced to fight various Henchman and Sidekicks for survival.[1] It was also revealed that he writes to The Guild frequently about the rights of Henchmen and Sidekicks.

In Season 7 it was implied that he may have passed away, as Dragoon learned he had outlived all his enemies and Desmond was his former rival.[3]

Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike his successor, Desmond seems more understanding of how The Guild of Calamitous Intent works and what he can do and what he cannot.
  • Him passing on the title of "Captain Sunshine" to his "Wonder Boy" is similar to the title of Dread Pirate Roberts from the book The Princess Bride.
  • Desmond is heavily modeled on Alfred Pennyworth, the butler to Bruce Wayne (and his superhero alter-ego Batman).

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