Dale Hale
The Venture Bros. character
First appearance

Voiced by

John Hodgman
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown, former boy detective

Detective Hale (father, deceased)

Lance Hale (brother)
Nationality American

Guilt over death of father

Persistent nightmares

Dale Hale is a minor character on The Venture Bros. He is an ex-boy detective, one of the Hale Brothers.

Character History

Dale, along with his fraternal twin brother Lance Hale, was a boy detective who traveled the world with their father. The brothers stopped doing so after their father's death, which according to Lance was their "greatest mystery". It is strongly implied they may have had some part in the latter's death as their fingerprints were on the gun as well the fact that Dale admitted still having nightmares of their father dying, which caused his brother to chastise him.

Dale and his twin brother Lance appeared during Dr. Venture's therapy group session, where his brother explained their reason for being in therapy. Later the therapist died and the group set out to discover the real reason for his death.


Dale is more reserved and quiet than his outspoken and arrogant brother, saying next to nothing during the group session. He only begins speaking when the therapist dies, at which point he falls back into his old detective ways, proving he is still a very competent detective. Unlike his brother, Dale would rather hide behind a table than start a fight, reflecting his cowardly tendencies.

It is strongly suggested that he and his brother had a hand in their father's death, and that, additionally, Dale was left shaken over the incident: he mentions to having nightmares of seeing his father dying. Also, Dale panics when Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture implies the brothers killed their father at the end of Self-Medication, saying, "he knows!"

Episode Appearances


  • He along with his brother are an allusion to The Hardy Boys, a long running book series involving two mystery solving brothers. The last name Hale is derived from the expression "hale & hardy", meaning a physically healthy and active person.
  • The Hale Brothers are also a reference to the Menendez Brothers (Lyle & Erik), who killed their wealthy parents and were exposed as the guilty parties during a long, well-publicized trial.
  • According to him and Lance, their father donated their entire inheritance to the "local boy detective academy" and only left them a sports car. Both brothers were disappointed, but loved their car regardless.
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