The Cult of Osiris is a group on The Venture Bros.

Group History[edit | edit source]

Encountered by the Venture Family in Escape to the House of Mummies Part II, the Cult of Osiris is a group of mysterious pseudo-Egyptian cultists that supposedly venerate Osiris. Their leader, the Ibis Priest, wears a mask resembling that of an ibis. This is a reason to doubt the cult's authenticity, as the ibis is more associated with the worship of the Egyptian god Thoth.

Because of the satirically fragmented time-travel story of Escape to the House of Mummies Part II, how the group ultimately came into contact with the Venture Family is unknown. However, hostilities emerged after Dr. Thaddeus Venture offended their priestly leader. The Ventures (and Brock Samson) were tossed into the Hall of Sorrows, a trapped filled dungeon where they were supposed to meet their doom. The traps failed thanks to the help of Dr. Orpheus and the negligence of one of the underlings. However, Orpheus was only able to squirrel away Dr. Venture before getting distracted with a contest of magic against science to see which force could shrink the most.

The Cult hatched a being known as the Perfect Man from the supposed egg that Ra hatched from. Although Dr. Venture calls the Perfect Man an abomination and says that it must die, it is later seen traveling with the Ventures.

Goals[edit | edit source]

The Cult (or at least some within the Cult) sought the Hand of Osiris.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The Cult of Osiris theoretically commanded considerable resources, including:

  • An army of mummies, including one with a magic staff
  • The Hall of Sorrows, a room filled with spikes and a jackal's mouth stuck to the wall from which hot oil could spill from
  • A time machine supposedly created by the cult
  • Small firearms
  • A dryer

In practice, the quality of the help seemed to inhibit the cult's efficacy. One cultist threw his gun at the fleeing Ventures after emptying its clip rather than reload simply because throwing it looked cool. Another cultist misheard the Priest's command to fill the jackal's mouth with voile instead of oil. The mummy with the magic staff defected and ended up helping the Venture Family.

Episode Appearances[edit | edit source]

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