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The Crusaders Action League
Crusader Action League
League introducing themselves to the Venture Family.
First Appearance(s): "Hostile Makeover"
Purpose: Organized super-Hero group
Current Members: Stars and Garters

Fallen Archer
Night Dick

Base: Unknown Location, presumably New York City

The Crusaders Action League (or C.A.L.) is a group of superheroes (apparently based in New York City) who provide protection for residents of the city who may find themselves to be targets of super-villains.


The CAL offers protection against all threats, be they terrestrial, extra-terrestrial or super-natural in origin. They offer this protection at a price, and claim that heroes who do not charge for their services are "amateurs".


The Crusader Action League first appeared in Hostile Makeover where they introduce themselves to the Venture Family and offer their services. Their offer is denied by Dr. Venture who orders them off his property.

The group later appears when Hank Venture uses Brock Samson's grappling gun to shoot a zip-line to Tophet Tower. The CAL members hear what they think is a gunshot and rush to VenTech Tower. Misinterpreting the situation, the CAL then battle Brock and J-Bot as another member (Night Dick) saves Hank from falling off the Tophet Tower. The commotion alerts Dr. Venture, who explains to the CAL that Brock is his bodyguard. The League leave after apologizing for their error.

In Maybe No Go, Fallen Archer is shown at a seafood restaurant giving Wide Wale his team's protection money. Wide Wale is angry that the payment is less than expected, accusing Fallen Archer of trying to cheat him. Scared, Fallen Archer explains that Dr. Venture had refused the protection plan, which means they can't pay Wide Wale his regular payment. This prompts Wide Wale to attack Venture Industries.

During Rapacity in Blue, Warriana spots Brock Samson having a confrontation with the villain Haranguetan on the sidewalk in front of VenTech Tower. She subdues the villain (even though Brock and the Ventures are not officially under the CAL's protection), which annoys Brock. It is later revealed that she lives in the same apartment building as Wide Wale, raising more question's about the CAL's ties to crime.



  • It is unknown exactly how many members there are.
  • There is presumably some rivalry between the CAL and the OSI. It has not been established how their various clients are determined, though the OSI does seem to focus heavily on super-scientists around the world, while the CAL's attention is apparently based solely on New York City and its wealthy, high-profile residents.
  • Hank Venture stated the group looked like the Marvel Comics superhero team The Avengers. Additionally, the CAL's rallying cry of "Crusaders, Convene!" is similar to the Avengers' "Avengers, Assemble!".