Firstly thank you for your interest in contributing to our community, all help is greatly appriciated.

In an effort to keep a level of continuity between the pages there's a few housekeeping needs that need to be met.

First, please use the provided link on the Characters page. If the character isn't listed there please add it, then use the link to create the page. This will help insure your new page doesn't get orphaned.

Next, I created (what's called) a template to make the nice box displayed on the right hand side. All you need to do as the page creator is click on the Source button on the top of the editor then paste the following at the top of the page:

 | image =
 | name =
 | debut_ep =
 | voiced_by = 
 | real_name =  
 | char_alias =  
 | profession =  
 | characteristics = 
 | alliances = 
 | prev_alliances =  
 | relatives =  

Fill in any information after the '=' and it will appear in the box. Any variables left blank will not display.

After that, if you aren't familiar with wiki code, you may click the source button again to enter the rich-text-editor. Fill in anything you wish to write.

Before you finish, please click the "Add Category" button on the bottom of the editor, and Type "Characters" (minus the quotes).

Thanks Again for all your help, and your interest in our community.