Conjectural Technologies is a small company run by Billy Quizboy and Pete White. The two initially ran the company out of a trailer in Colorado where they also resided.

Despite Billy being a neurosurgeon and Pete being a computer scientist, the company seemingly had no actual purpose, with Pete claiming they "actually don't do anything." The two most frequently acquired money by scamming clients through unrelated endeavors rather than legitimate business, with their money frequently spent of things like video games.

Despite the business being a joint partnership, Billy and Pete would often argue over who actually "ran" the company, with most assuming Pete actually worked for Billy, and sometimes vice-versa.

Following the loss of their company to Billy's archnemesis Augustus St. Cloud, who coerced Billy into selling him Conjectural Technologies for a single penny, they were wholly acquired by Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture via Venture Techno Industries and consequently moved operations to the VenTech Tower in New York.

They are often called to assist Thaddeus Venture with scientific issues and have recently become publicly traded. 

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