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Col. Lloyd Venture
The Venture Bros. character
Col Lloyd Venture
Col. Lloyd Venture with the ORB
First appearance

Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Occupation Adventurer
Grand Protector of the Orb
Relatives Jonas' father (son)
Jonas Venture Sr. (grandson)
Dr. Thaddeus Venture (great-grandson)
Jonas Venture Jr. (great-grandson)
Hank Venture (great-great-grandson)
Dean Venture (great-great-grandson)
Dermott Fictel (great-great-grandson)

The Guild (original)

Nikola Tesla and the Avon Ladies

Colonel Lloyd Venture is the grandfather of Jonas, the great-grandfather of Dr. Thaddeus Venture and Jonas "JJ" Venture Jr., and the great-great-grandfather of Hank and Dean Venture and Dermott Fictel. He was the founder and leader of The Guild, a precursor to the modern Guild of Calamitous Intent. He first appeared in the season 3 episode, ORB.


As a member of The Guild, Colonel Venture protected and studied the fabled Orb. He was also a close friend of his bodyguard Eugen Sandow, and has an unfriendly rivalry with his fellow member Fantômas. When the Orb became the center of The Guild's battle against Nikola Tesla and the Avon Ladies, Lloyd argued against using the Orb against their enemies too soon while in favor of proceeding slowly with it. However, due to the increasingly dire situation, Lloyd later considered activating the Orb much to the dissatisfaction of Sandow, who pleaded with Lloyd not to use it.

When Lloyd began fiddling with the Orb, Sandow begged him once again to stop what he is about to do but Venture ignored him by stating that "I must!" But to Lloyd's dismay, Sandow broke the Orb and calmly explained to Lloyd that he was assigned by his employers to kill him if he attempted to activate the device. Relieved that Sandow didn't do as commanded, Lloyd nervously gave his thanks to his bodyguard. He and Sandow then decided to keep the Orb's damage a secret in which Venture only repaired the Orb's outer casing.[1]

In The Venture Bros. & The Curse of the Haunted Problem, Sergeant Hatred gives a tour of VenTech Tower and mentions that Lloyd Venture was part of the first landing on the moon in 1902. Lloyd's supposed spacesuit is held in the museum in the Tower.

In the same episode Dr. Orpheus performs a group ritual to contact the spirit possessing VenTech Tower (later revealed to be Jonas Venture Sr. via the PROBLEM machine.) He inadvertently summons the spirits of hat factory workers who died in The Great Venture Millinery Fire of 1907. Sergeant Hatred, referencing the guided museum tour, informs the group that "the deadly blaze began in the attic when a dumpster full of felt straps was struck by a zeppelin." Workers were apparently unable to escape the fire because Col. Venture had locked the doors.

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