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Dia de los Dangerous!
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Literally translated as "goat-sucker", the chupacabras or chupacabra is a creature of urban legend from the folklore of several places in North and South America, including Mexico. The creature's first origins are thought to come from reports of blood-drained animals in Puerto Rico.[1]

In the world of the Venture Bros., Dr. Venture shared the disbelief of real world biologists in the chupacabras, scientifically disproving their existence in a lecture at the Community University of Mexico at Tijuana. However, Dr. Venture was later ambushed and mauled by one that leapt out of Brock Samson's Dodge Charger. Brock put it down with a thrown knife before picking up the injured Dr. Venture and telling him to quit screwing around. When Venture asked Samson what the creature that attacked him was, Brock answered it was a chupacabra and that they were all over Mexico.[2]

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