The Venture Bros. character
Shot at by Dr. Z
First appearance

The Terminus Mandate (flashback)
Species Domestic dog
Gender Male

Action Johnny

Dr. Z

Buddy was the pet dog of Action Johnny when he was a boy. In one flashback, Action Johnny and his team were fighting with Dr. Z and his henchman for the Head of Anubis. Buddy ran up to Dr. Z and began barking, provoking Z's wrath. Z shot several bullets at the dog, causing Buddy to flee and run into a pedestal holding the Head. The Head fell onto Buddy, covering him. Consequently, Buddy panicked and ran around the room with the Head covering him. Dr. Z's henchmen mistook this incident for Anubis voicing his offense and possessing the Head. The henchmen retreated despite Dr. Z's admonishment of their blundering.


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