Colonel Bud Manstrong
The Venture Bros. character
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Careers in Science
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Terrence Fleming
Occupation Astronaut
Relatives Mrs. Manstrong (mother)

Colonel Bud Manstrong was the former leader of the two-man crew of the space station Gargantua-1 on The Venture Bros.

Character History

In his teenage years, Bud Manstrong was a "paperboy" aboard Gargantua-1. He was one of the few survivors of the Movie Night Massacre, which claimed the lives of most of the space station's crew.

Manstrong takes a strong moral stance on most issues, and is strictly sexually abstinent, which his mother attributes to his similarly-abstinent father having been a larger influence on the young Bud than her. Although he is very willful in most situations, he wilts under attention from his often inebriated and oversexed mother.

His forbearance of sex puts a great deal of strain on his relationship with cosmonaut Lieutenant Anna Baldavitch, his love interest and fellow crew member on Gargantua-1. When Team Venture were invited to Gargantua-1 for repairs, Manstrong became jealous of Baldavitch's attraction to Brock Samson.

Gargantua-1 later suffered an accident, causing it to fall into Earth. Manstrong somehow managed to pilot the station and crash it into a wanted terrorist camp. Manstrong was the sole survivor and, for his actions, received a medal from the President. He and his mother were invited to the President's State Dinner, and Bud was offered a chance to run for the Vice Presidency. However, Manstrong turned down the offer in horror upon learning of the president's sexual indiscretions.

His mother convinced him to turn around and ask President Breyer to be his running mate, telling him that it would put him (and, by extension, her) in a politically favorable position. Bud did so with almost robotic compliance and eventually found himself trapped in the Oval Office along with the President and several other people when Dr. Venture's unscheduled forcefield demonstration went awry. While in this situation Bud had a flashback, revealing that he had been receiving fellatio from Lieutenant Baldavitch when Gargantua-1 went down.

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