The Venture Bros. character
Bouncer Don Hell's
Bruno inspects a couple of IDs
First appearance

Bot Seeks Bot
Voiced by

Christopher McCulloch
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Bouncer, sometimes ran the bar when Don Hell was away
Nationality American

Armed with a pistol


Don Hell (Former boss, deceased)

A twice recurring character in the Venture Bros. television show, Bruno was the bouncer of Don Hell's, a nightclub for villains (and more specifically, members of the The Guild of Calamitous Intent) owned by said Don Hell.


Bot Seeks BotEdit

When first seen, the bouncer is standing in front Don Hell's as Vendata and Ghost Robot (the latter disguised as Galacticon). When asked, they provide the bouncer with Guild of Calamitous Intent identifications, although the bouncer admonishes Galacticon to follow the rules.

Later, he refuses Augustus St. Cloud and Pi Wai entry into the nightclub. When Augustus whines about it, the bouncer says the club's full and calls Augustus “Truman Ca-blow-me”, a reference to Truman Capote. Brock Samson and Shore Leave, disguised as villains and carrying fake ID cards, are allowed entrance, after which Augustus asks why they are allowed in. The bouncer does not answer or even look at him before the scene shifts.

When Dr. Venture and Billy Whalen arrive at Don Hell's, they first face the side of the building that seems like a graffiti covered bunker wall with a seemingly empty interior. The bouncer detects their snooping and demands to know who they are at gunpoint. When Billy speaks, the bouncer first thinks they are a ventriloquist. Venture and Whalen try to play this up, with Venture as "Dr. Ventriloquist" and Whalen as his gangster-accented dummy. The bouncer pretends to fall for this and grants them entrance. In actuality, he recognizes them, perhaps because of Dr. Venture's mention of Brock Samson. The bouncer reports their intrusion to Don Hell, and Don Hell's minions apprehend Venture and Whalen for a game of Wheel of Torture.

All This and Gargantua-2Edit

Bruno makes a brief appearance behind the bar of the nightclub. Don Hell gets a summons to join the rest of the Council, leaving Bruno. Before he goes, Don Hell fills a shot glass with Jim Dandy whiskey takes a drink. The whiskey is tainted with acid, and Bruno watches his boss melt away right before his very eyes.

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