The Brimstone Assembly is a fictional group of magic users from the Venture Bros. show, specifically the episode A Very Venture Halloween. Both villains and heroic characters from previous episodes belong to the Brimstone Assembly, as well as a number of unknown background characters. Once a year on Halloween, they commence in a "magic gathering" (a meeting or celebration like event, not to be confused with a similarly sounding card game). As of the time of A Very Venture Halloween, the group had met 331 times.

The exact purposes of the Assembly are not clear, but in their magic gathering, several shapes are drawn onto the floor of their meeting site as follows:

  • A triangle representing simplicity
  • Inside the triangle, a circle representing unity
  • Inside the circle, a square representing perfection

This configuration of shapes is said to allow glimpses of the Netherworld and thus enhance magic cast inside it.

Many of the Assembly people know and study under The Master.

In A Very Venture Halloween[edit | edit source]

In this episode, the Assembly gathers at Orpheus residence in the old arachnid research wing of the Venture Compound. A number of conjurations and other magical feats are conducted, including the accidental reanimation of all the corpses fin Pottter's fields on the compound while Orpheus has stepped outside. Taking the shape of Santa Claus, the Master destroys all the zombies. With the zombies gone, the Master enters Orpheus' home and berates them for missing the true spirit of Halloween or Christmas, as the case may be.

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