Brick Frog
The Venture Bros. character
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Brick Frog
First appearance

Bright Lights, Dean City
Voiced by

Chris McCulloch
Occupation Frog themed supervillain

Frog themed costume
Brick weapons

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Brick Frog is a minor supervillain on The Venture Bros.

Character History

Brick Frog is a supervillain with no special powers, whose only villainous skills are brick throwing and frog being.

Brick Frog applied to join The Revenge Society when they held tryouts at One Impossible Plaza.[1] However, he was immediately rejected when he was first introduced, only managing to state his name before being asked to leave.

He was seen patronizing Don Hell's nightclub, implying that he is in The Guild of Calamitous Intent, as a Guild license is required in order to get in.[2] This was later confirmed when he was shown to be in attendance at a Guild meeting.[3]

Brick Frog was drinking at Ye Old Battleaxe when Dr. Mrs. The Monarch informed Battleaxe that her husband Haranguetan had been killed.[4] He later appeared at the party in VenTech Tower when it had been temporarily taken over by the Doom Factory, popping pills with Vespertina.[5]

Brick Frog was among the supervillains gathered on Rat Island when the fake Blue Morpho was "captured" by Tunnel Vision.[6]

Episode Appearances

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Appearances in Other Media


  • Brick Frog originated with a foam rubber frog mask that Jackson Publick's mother created for him to wear in a school play when he was in the first grade. When Jackson was ten years old, his older cousin was playing superheroes with him and paired the frog mask with a foam rubber souvenir brick from Universal Studios, proclaiming "I'll be 'the Brick Frog.'" He thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard and created the character as a nod to his cousin.[7]
  • In It Happening One Night if you look closely as Brock Samson and Rocco are driving down the street you can briefly spot some graffiti on a building front that reads, "You mess with the Frog, you get the brick".
  • The term "frog" can refer to the indentation on the sides of bricks or the implement used to make it.
  • The character has similarities to the 1942 Police Comics character "Brick Bat", a ridiculous villain whose gimmick was wearing a bat mask and throwing poison gas-filled bricks at people to kill them.



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