The Boom-Broom as covered in The Venture Home News

The Boom-Broom was a faulty invention created by Dr. Venture and presented at a Science Now conference in Washington DC.[1] He was banned from ever returning again because it leaked radiation. However, Dr. Venture insisted that it cleaned up any radiation it leaked because of its superior quality as a vacuum cleaner.[2]

While Dr. Venture was gone on the trip, Dean Venture promised coverage in the Venture Home News of the Boom-Broom's "triumphant return"[1], but this assessment appeared to be quite premature.

The Boom-Broom was later shown on display in the museum in the lobby of the VenTech Tower in New York. It served its most useful purpose when Pete White picked it up and used it to smash open the glass display case for the Shrink ray, which he used to help Original Team Venture rescue the comatose Action Man and take him to a hospital.[3]

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