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"Billy bag" is the casual term for any sack used for kidnapping and containing Master Billy Quizboy on The Venture Bros.


Billy Whalen was first shown being transported in a "Billy bag" in a flashback during season 3's The Invisible Hand of Fate. Brock Samson smuggled him out of the OSI headquarters in a duffle bag and dropped the Billy bag off with a sunburnt and unshaven Pete White, who opened the bag to reveal an unconscious Billy.[1]

Billy was kidnapped by Phantom Limb as part of his initial attempt to form The Revenge Society.[2] After being transported to the Fitzcarraldo mansion in a burlap sack, Billy was forced to perform impromptu surgery in the middle of the abandoned kitchen, grafting Dragoon's head onto Red Mantle's body alongside Red Mantle's own head.

Phantom Limb kept Billy in his bag throughout most of the episode The Revenge Society, with Red Mantle and Dragoon ultimately abandoning his unconscious body inside the Venture Compound after retrieving the Orb. Billy was later found, still unconscious and tied up inside his bag, by Hank Venture and Sergeant Hatred.[2]

Billy eventually awoke in a bed alongside the recovering pedophile Sergeant Hatred and, recognizing the unpleasantness of the situation, cried aloud that he wanted to go back into his bag.[2]

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  • Red Mantle coined the term "Billy bag" in The Revenge Society.
  • In Any Which Way But Zeus Billy was kidnapped by "Zeus", an apparent god who was actually Desmond acting under the influence of former henchman Scott Hall. He was forced to fight alongside numerous sidekicks and henchmen until Henchman 21 devised a plan to end the conflict. If he was ever transported via a Billy bag during the kidnapping, it is not shown onscreen.
  • In The Silent Partners Billy was again kidnapped to perform impromptu surgery, this time by Monstroso. In exchange for replacing Monstroso's failing heart with a donor heart from King Gorilla, Billy was granted an official, accredited medical degree and license to practice medicine. If he was ever transported via a Billy bag during the kidnapping, it is not shown onscreen.



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