Auntie Matter
The Venture Bros character
First appearance

The Devil's Grip
Gender Female
Notable Characteristic


The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Auntie Matter is a minor supervillain on The Venture Bros.

Character Description Edit

First described by Dr. Mrs. The Monarch as a "spinster who shapechanges" in Return to Malice, Auntie Matter appears in The Devil's Grip where she is seen fraternizing with Flying Squid, lounging on lawnchairs with their feet soaking in a kiddie pool. A small squid bearing a resemblance to Flying Squid (though with no human features) also sits in the pool. Given Dr. Mrs. the Monarch's earlier description of Auntie Matter, it's not clear if this squid represents the result of a romantic union between the pair or if they are merely friends hanging out with a normal squid resting nearby.

Character History Edit

She was among the Guild members who attended the meeting at Don Hell's nightclub following the death of The Sovereign and the loss of most of the Council of 13.

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