Lt. Anna Baldavitch
The Venture Bros. character
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Careers in Science
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Nina Hellman
Occupation Astronaut

Lieutenant Anna Baldavitch was a Russian cosmonaut who was stationed on Gargantua-1. Her face is never seen, but she is assumed to be extremely unattractive.

Character History

Lt. Anna Baldavitch was a Russian astronaut on board Gargantua-1, along with Bud Manstrong. She is frustrated that Manstrong, who was in love with her, hasn't tried to have sex with her. To this end, she ends up seducing Brock Samson, who demands that during sex she keep her helmet on. While having sex with him, Dean and Hank Venture believe that the coitus they're having is actually a fight.

Baldavitch dies when Gargantua-1 crashes back on Earth, but not before trying to give Bud a handjob one more time as a final request. She is given a closed casket state funeral in Moscow.

Episode Appearances

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Season 2

Season 7


  • According to Bud Manstrong, Anna Baldavitch was a wealthy heiress whose father invented the Mr. Mouth game.
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