Adolf Hitler
The Venture Bros. character
VB Hitler And Hand
First appearance

Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel
Last appearance

Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel
Aliases Giant Boy Detective
Gender Male
Nationality German

Unholy presence, could only be killed by a special dagger, only liked Dean (beyond the Neo-Nazis)

Fritz and his Neo-Nazis

Nazi Germany
Cause of Death

Stabbed to death

Adolf Hitler was a notorious German dictator and leader of the Nazi party during the early half of the 20th century. Having committed suicide during the end of World War II, Hitler's modern day Neo-Nazi followers attempt to bring him back to life; in which they only managed to transfer his essence inside a dog.


A group of Neo-Nazis led by a man named Fritz wished to resurrect Hitler. They had Hitler's soul and genetic information transplanted into the body of a bulldog. (This transfer process was most likely performed by Dr. Vulcano, as Fritz is seen thanking him.)

They and Hitler the dog later confronted and commanded Dr. Rusty Venture to clone a human body for Hitler and transfer Hitler's body and genetic information to it from the dog's body. Although Venture refused to involve himself in such a cliched, unoriginal plan, the Nazis warned him and gave him a few months before leaving the dog with him. During that time, Hitler the dog stayed with the Venture Family, where he bonded with Dean Venture, who gave the dog the name Giant Boy Detective. Dr. Orpheus noted that the dog had an aura of unholy evil about it and urged that the dog must be killed, which Dean was strongly against.

After Rusty failed to comply and Hitler the dog was not given back to them, the Neo-Nazis took him captive. The Neo-Nazis were ultimately destroyed by a "spell of purification" cast by Dr. Orpheus. Hitler fled and nearly attacked Hank Venture but was destroyed by Brock Samson using a special magical knife.

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